Ver 1.1.14: Spooktober, Boulder, and Cyclops!

We've just updated Relics of the Fallen with two new cards and a spooky event. The Android version will be updated too soon after it gets approved. (

The first new card is an item called Boulder. It has a new 'immovable' mechanic. Just play the game for a while to find out how it interacts with other cards. The second one is a monster that can decrease your hero's mana. We added these cards to make the late game more challenging. 

For the rest of this spooky month, some cards are dressing up too look spookier. It won't affect the gameplay, but if you don't want to see them, you can always turn it on/off in the Settings menu. We wanted to implement this earlier, but we were facing an important bug that took the first spot on our priority list. We hope you still can enjoy it and we may extend it for a few days after this month ends.

We also made some balance changes including decreasing Grant's Empower mana cost from 4 to 3. We got some feedback saying that Grant is the weakest of all the heroes. Initially, Empower has low cooldown and mana cost, but we were afraid that he could easily have high ATK and kill any monster in 1 hit. But since we have added some monsters and items that can prevent it, we think it wouldn't be a problem anymore. 

We also changed how Soul of the Fallen works. Some of you may have not seen this relic yet, because it appears in late game and you will always get it once you got and maxed all other relics. Previously, it deals x damage to a random monster every turn, x is the relic's level. We didn't think anyone would go that far before (getting all the relics) and of course Soul of the Fallen was being too good. Now it only damages every 3 turns.

Anyway, we really appreciate your support for this game so far, it motivates us to add more content and keep this game alive!


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