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It's addicting. It's addicting in one of the best ways possible. When you're able to traverse multiple tiles, or get out of a sticky situation, it's satisfying. This, is how to make a fun game. Job well done Crescentyr.

If you ever need a tune or two to add to this game, let me know.

Thank you so much!

Sure, we're always open to suggestions.

Great. By any chance would you have a Discord server, or even just an account, for communication purposes?

We're planning to make a Discord server. In the meantime, you can add me on Discord: bloo#0524

Sent the request a little while ago, under the same name as the one you see here.

How can i save my progress for this game on Itch ?

Your progress is automatically saved in your computer (your browser handles it). But let me know if the save system doesn't work.

Nice to see the Halloween graphics :) It made me realise it's been over a year already 

Excellent mechanics, great flat-style graphics.

Thank you!

Is Marigold Seed and Bone Cleaver still in the game? I've obtained every single relic in the Card Album except these two and I've been wondering if they are much rarer now

They are not available in Wispwood Forest. You can still find them in Netherheim Cave.

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Very fun- surprisingly strategic, and discovering the synergies of different characters with certain cards was quite fun! On my best run, I got up to 23 Magic Shields at one point as Elena, and had figured out that strategic triggering of Dynamite cards allowed me to destroy Toxic Mushrooms without getting poisoned. Then I promptly stepped on a Purifier...

Some things I love:

-All the different relics! They really add flavor and originality to the game.

-Strategic interactions like the previously mentioned one with Dynamite, including:

Attacking mushrooms/Pyros to reduce the cooldown of your spells, or because one of your relics is about to trigger

(As Elena, since I mostly play as her, but I'm sure this applies to other characters too) Scanning the field to figure out whether you can afford to activate your lower-level skills (Magic Shield), especially since for Elena that gives a stacking benefit, or whether the situation is bad enough to warrant your ultimate (Firestorm).

Maneuvering to a position where you can trigger that Spear Trap at an enemy

Figuring out which hits you can afford to take and which you can't

Moving carefully, keeping the cards in mind, so that you don't get stuck in a corner with two enemies that can both one-shot you -_-

Trying not to trigger a Relic Dealer/Retired Knight until you have enough gold

And some things that are just fun:

Getting saved by a relic that you forgot you had

Waiting until that moment your ultimate is finally ready to trigger

Magic Shields, especially as Elena. See above.

Anyway, I think that's it! Looking forward to unlocking Wispwood Forest!

O, I feel you are going to love Wispwood Forest, especially Raid Mars mode if you like that strategic element of the game.

I really like that cards other than our hero can interact with each other like in Ride Hades leaving mushrooms with 1 HP for him to blow up and subsequently poison himself. And that's a prominent and very fun mechanic in Wispwood Forest, Raid Mars with the Ottomans especially.

You pointed perfectly what I love about this game. Luck is very important but your strategic decisions are even more so. 

Thanks for sharing your enjoyment of playing the game with us!
The 3rd dungeon is also coming soon.

wish it was avaliable on ios

We're considering it. We'll let you know when it is ready.

can you add keyboard buttons for the 3 "spells" like 123, qwe, asd,zxc or something. thanks. i find that because im clicking around with the mouse i forget the spells exist.


We'll add that feature. Thanks for the suggestion.

maybe I'm just bad at it

amazing game! basilisk is hard, though.

There are more harder bosses after Basilisk :D Maybe you were just unlucky because of his miss chance. Tips from me, don't attack him directly. Use skills or items to damage him while trying not to die from his poison.

I've been playing for a while now and it seems to that the most common cause of death for me is Chillbane. Recently I mostly play with Jin and in later game it's rather hard to defeat it. Is Chillbane supposed to react to ranged attacks? Because every 6(?) turns it deals more than half of the hero HP and has attack that's also about half or more so it's almost impossible to survive it if you don't kill it instantly. If it is a feature then it would nice to have it included in the monsters info (I couldn't figure out why I'm  dying instantly)

BTW I can't wait for the new dungeon :)

Chillbane and Stalagmist are the only 2 monsters that have ranged attacks. So, they will counter your ranged attacks. You can see the word 'ranged' on the middle left in the card info. And because of this comment, we've just found out that Chillbane doesn't have missile vfx for his attack. So, thanks a lot! :)

Oh, that must be it, if I saw it "punching back" I wouldn't be questioning it, thanks for response :)


Really nice



I've beem reallt enjoying this. The simple act of adding a relic system goes a long way to keep this game a little more interesting than these other card dungeon roguelikes. Just a heads up is the elite 3 buck thing a one time purchase? J may support and buy it. Otherwise continue making thjs game more fun im really liking jt so far.

Yes, it's only a one time purchase not a subscription. Thanks a lot! :)

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 i was doing the 4x4 survival, and for over a hundred cards after i went through a tunnel i didnt get a single potion or apple, is that a featurejust bad luck or a glitch? it cost me a game that i was doing absolutely amazing in

I think you were just unlucky. Item appearance chances won't change after 90 cards for most game modes. And tunnel has nothing to do with that. :)

Can I make a physical version of this game? I'll give credit back to you. I promise. 


As long as you don't sell it / non-commercial, sure go ahead. Send us some photos if you don't mind. We'd love to share it on our social medias. :)


im kind of interested about the adaptions youll make when making that seing as you have there approval to make it, can you send some pictures to me on discord if you do make it if you dont mind? heckeu#8802 btw if you do


Update: It's going pretty well. I think the game should be done sometime later this month.

Awesome! Looking forward to it.

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Update #2: Sorry but school just got real and I got a bit busy, along with all my other classes and I couldn't work on the game as much as I wanted to. Anyways, this is a bit short. You can download this file and publish it yourself on your account.

And also I didn't add Jin as a hero because he's just to hard to make.

Hi, no worries! But your link is inaccessible for us. Can you please check its privacy/sharing setting. Thanks!

Okay try this link:

Great job man! Can we share this on our socials? Btw, was Battlemasker Bondage a typo or intentional?

Of course you can share this on your socials!

And, the Battlemasker Bondage is a typo. Should be fixed now, along with some other changes. I also added the "Bosses" section.


4X4 should probably be renamed endless.  It's not really that difficult to survive basically indefinitely, it seems to me. You gotta balance ultimate usage for Springsea Water buffing between mana generation and weapon generation, but since one-hit-kills still lose you only 1 attack at higher difficulty levels and since Obsidius's retaliation is blockable and the dude with the ranged attack never gets more than 1 attack unless you let the enemies buff him via death it seems like you can continue on at least far further than my patience and the lack of a save function allow, if not indefinitely.


Hmm.. interesting. We'll keep balancing the game especially for the late stage. Thanks for the feedback!


Seems like the stalactites *eventually* get more attack, but by that point you can have a huge amount of magical shields.  The theoretical limit seem to probably be poison mushrooms plus unlucky ranged enemy spawn.

the ranged enemies have killed me 10 times when i had 20+ relics no joke lol


Really fun game! love it ♥ 

Would like to see more maps and characters!


There will be more. Cheers!


best free game ive seen on yet keep up the great work, also, cant wait for the new maps!


Amazing game, it might be cool to have the option of moving the character with the arrow keys


Good idea, thanks!


Basically going to reiterate the other comment but just had to say something because this game is a lot of fun. Really simple mechanics but hard to master strategy-esk feel! Would love to play on iPad but fun to play in the browser too!


Thank you! If everything goes well, we'll port it to iOS. :)


If you're looking for a short, but sweet and fun game to pass the time this is it. There is some progression as you need to do levels in order to get crystals to unlock things. The gameplay loop is simple and enjoyable, stay alive while killing monsters, getting relics, and gold. The longer you last the more you're rewarded. This definitely fits the mobile vibe more, I could see myself waiting for something and pulling this up to play. I did however play on my PC on the browser, which was just fine as well. 

Fun little game that I recommend you try out. :)


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)